Instytut Morski Uniwersytetu Morskiego w Gdyni Wydawnictwa Pilot Draft Plan for the West Part of the Gulf of Gdansk

Pilot Draft Plan for the West Part of the Gulf of Gdansk

Zaucha J. (ed.) (2009) Pilot Draft Plan for the West Part of the Gulf of Gdansk. First Maritime Spatial Plan in Poland,
Gdańsk, 80 str., ISBN 978-83-62438-05-1

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The spatial management plan of the western part of the maritime internal waters of the Gulf of GdaÅ„sk is a first maritime spatial plan in Poland. It has been drawn up at the order of the Maritime Office in Gdynia under a “PlanCoast” EU project. The development of a draft of the pilot plan should be viewed as a practical attempt at testing the possibility for drawing up maritime plans under Poland’s legal, information and staff-related conditions (maritime spatial planning is possible in Polish legal conditions since 2003). In addition, the plan has been expected to provide conclusions regarding further directions in which the spatial planning system would be developed in Poland.
The plan has been worked out by an interdisciplinary team composed of workers of the Maritime Institute representing the following scientific disciplines: macrospatial planning, information technology (GIS), oceanography, physical/biological ecology and economics. The team gained support from experts of the Voivodship (Province) Spatial Planning Office (local spatial planning), ichthyologists and specialists on sea mammals from the Marine Station of the University of GdaÅ„sk. The process of elaboration of the plan was extremely short, owing to financial terms of the PlanCoast project and lasted from September 2007 until March 2008. The initial version of the plan was produced to experts of the Maritime Office in Gdynia in April 2008 and, their remarks having been considered, was presented to the stakeholders in June 2009. In a move parallel to that, members of the planning teams were included in the process of development of the national spatial development strategy (the „National Spatial Development Concept 2030 of Poland), which secured synergy between both processes.
The presented study is composed of two parts. The first of those addresses the issue of planning conditions, actually analysis of the area it covers and the surrounding territories influencing the plan area. Presented in part two is the process of building the plan, the plan itself and conclusions for the future.



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